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With the fast changing technology trends it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the most important facts in the field of access management, e.g. on Maintenance Service Contracts. In this newsletter you get some exclusive service tips! Also learn more about some insights in the differences in designing and operating airport parking facilities and the fact Why Americans have the world's most hacked and stolen credit cards.


Service Contract Tips

Keeping up with today’s fast changing technology trends can take the focus off other important factors in keeping your facility running with precision and profitably. Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of this, but not all facilities have the manpower or immediate resources to ensure timely implementation.

Maintenance Service Contracts, also known as Maintenance Service Agreements, in the parking revenue and access control industry are one of the best ways to ensure the continual review of your facilities’ needs by industry experts. A maintenance service contract for a parking facility is quite different than a typical service contract on products, such as automobiles, electronic devices, or major appliances.

What is a parking industry Maintenance Service Contract? It is a contract or agreement between the equipment provider and the customer, for a separate or additional consideration and for a specific duration, to maintain the integrity of the equipment and or services purchased by the customer.

It is not an extended warranty, but an agreement to provide maintenance and review of specified services particular to the facility. The type of maintenance service contract depends on many factors such as facility size, amount of equipment, age of equipment, types of software used and more.

During the execution of the maintenance service, customers can be informed of serious issues with equipment before the loss of revenue or unseen severe damage. Another benefit is current information on various software and programs are provided by industry knowledgeable professionals.

A site specific maintenance contract provides the customer with essentials for premium coverage of their facilities. Pricing and other options vary. A general maintenance contract typically covers standard equipment cleaning, possible on call service and or phone support for an allotted amount of time.

Here are some tips on deciding on a maintenance service contract;

(1) Talk with your provider- make sure your equipment provider has knowledge of all manufactures warranties starting and ending periods. Discuss your facility’s short and long term needs. 

(2) Review your equipment- Knowing the condition of your equipment prior to purchasing a maintenance service contract gives you the best insight as to what is actually needed. 

(3) Understand your critical needs- Have knowledge on important aspects of your facility that will benefit the most from the maintenance service contract.

Contact your SALES professional for more information on what maintenance service contract might be right for you.

 Whether it is a site specific or a general maintenance service contract, these are great tools that provide additional assistance in minimizing future unforeseen service cost. 

Authored by Susan Francis, SKIDATA , Inc. Dallas Office Manager. Susan has over 10 years’ experience in handling Service issues. You can contact her at

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